Sistemi letto Hästens


If there weren’t good reasons to sleep, most likely evolution would have led us off it a long time ago, and we wouldn’t feel the need to offer the best possible sleep to our Clients.


Here comes Hästens, a Swedish company which, with its nearly two hundred years of experience, is committed to meeting this need. And it does so And it does so with health and nature in mind.

And for those of you wondering: yes, Hästens is the one with the blue and white plaids that also decorate our company vans.


You are in the right place!

Of course, expressing an entire philosophy in a few lines is not easy. That is why we have a Hästens Spa; a place where Claudio and Nicola – fresh from corporate training in Sweden – can answer all your questions and, most importantly, allow you to try out the beds. All you need to do is simply make an appointment.


Building a bed system takes a great deal of time. For example, the Vividus model takes at least 350 hours of craftsmanship, not counting the time it takes to prepare the horsehair, wool, cotton, and linen, or to fabricate the steel springs, wooden frame, and fabric. A Hästens bed is composed of layers, up to 34 in some cases. Thanks to the combination of the natural materials, the bed-systems give a wonderfully comfortable sleep.


The combination of cotton, wool and horsehair in the top layers help capture moisture while allowing it to flow. Which is great considering that we expel 0.5 to 1.5 liters through sweat each night.


Steel springs are the aspect that stands out the most, but there are three other types of suspension in a Hästens bed. Together, they balance pressure and increase comfort to an even higher level, because you can control the position in which you fall asleep, but not the position in which you sleep.


In a Hästens bed nothing is superfluous except the name plate. There is a single thread in the side stitching to achieve even tension. The corners and edges are ultra-stable because when you use the bed as a chair it is easier to get up again. The feet are indented so that it is difficult to get your toes in…these are just a few examples of how Hästens pays attention to detail.

The story continues, to find out…

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