Del Fabbro: first Hästens dealer in Trentino Alto-Adige


The bed decides the quality of your day. 

A big responsibility for a small piece of furniture.

If there were no good reasons to sleep, most likely evolution would have led us to do without it a long time ago. It goes without saying that sleeping greatly affects the quality of your life.

Hästens produces world-class handmade beds, each of which encompasses an enormous amount of work and research. 

But does one really need luxurious furniture to fulfill such a basic human need? Answer: no. The ones Hästens builds are not luxury beds. There is much in a Hästens, but nothing excessive. In fact, every little detail has a function: to improve the conditions for deep sleep.

Thanks to the flexible support, your muscles can relax while your spine stays straight. Because the bed material is breathable and allows moisture to flow, your body can regulate its temperature to find a cool and pleasant balance. These are the best conditions for your body to recover and gain strength.

But is the experience of sleeping on a Hästens bed really that special?

Answer: yes, without a doubt–and you can experience it with us!

We are proud to be the first Hästens dealer in Trentino Alto-Adige and we want to give you the chance to discover living the sleep revolution here with us, in Arco di Trento.

You can book a free bed test to discover that better sleep means better living.

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