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B&B in the olive grove - Del Fabbro

DesignerPaola Del Fabbro, Eleonora Pasetti, Arch. Campetti-Benedetti
PlaceRiva del Garda TN

A stylish guest house on Garda Lake

Oleeva Garda Living is many things, but first and foremost
it is an oasis of peace where nature reigns supreme.


This is precisely where the decision to use natural materials and wallpapers in bright, fun colors comes from. These elements are contrasted by modern, minimalist furniture, creating unique, fresh and dynamic spaces.

The design of the rooms is essential and thought out to the finest detail. In fact, the rooms are open spaces divided by a simple wall, which allows both to experience an open space and to enjoy privacy and intimacy.

The bed is designed by combining wood with a fabric that dialogues with the bright colors of the wallpaper. The walk-in closet, with an essential line, consists of a few storage spaces and a simple stainless steel tube, which designs and decorates the wall.

The same aesthetic concept extends into the outdoor spaces, where there is a very distinctive flooring. Kartell chairs have an essential line that connects to the whole mood and Lago tables give a Mediterranean taste: perfect for the location. By the side of the pool you can relax thanks to the outdoor furniture: totally customized Varaschin loungers and chaise lounges.

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