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Private villa amidst and olive trees - Del Fabbro

DesignerFam. Del Fabbro
PlaceArco TN

Contemporary style nestled between lake and olive trees

Nestled in the olive grove is a private villa
with a contemporary style and the warm colors of the Mediterranean.

The combination of wood, glass and steel furnishes the living area surrounding the undisputed protagonist of the room: a large olive tree trunk. This special column extends from the floor to touch the ceiling. The light point, signed by Catellani & Smith, emerges from the trunk like luminous leaves. 

Two are the words that sum up the whole decor: custom-made. Custom-made is the Modulnova kitchen, custom-made is the olive wood bench, custom-made is the special Fiam glass table.

The large open space on the upper floor is divided by wings that allow the structure with exposed beams to remain visible. A special raised and open bathroom area houses a large Milldue tub. The large garden is the perfect place for a drink with a lake view, or a leisurely family dinner.

Brands chosen for this project

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