All our services

Indoor/outdoor design

We arrange outdoor space design and technical arrangements.

  • floor plans
  • elevations
  • render views
  • project plumbing layouts
  • electrical project
  • bathroom furniture design
  • lighting design
  • plasterboard and false ceiling design

Consulting for materials and accessories

We guide you in choosing quality materials, colors and accessories.

  • flooring
  • doors and fixtures
  • custom walls (colors and materials)
  • wallpaper
  • curtains
  • lighting fixtures
  • furniture accessories (consulting and sales)
  • outdoor area coverings
  • transfers to corporate showrooms

Construction site and professionals

We assist you in finding craftsmen and professionals

  • survey and measurements
  • visits to the construction site
  • direct contact with craftsmen on the construction site
  • direct contact with technicians

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