Del Fabbro

100 years
of design

A family-run business that, from generation to generation, aims to combine always up-to-date style with functionality.

*What, better than the chair, represents
the evolution of design over the years?

We have chosen this cherished design element to walk you through the world of Del Fabbro.


The early days of the company are about exchange and bartering

The company’s early days date back to 1920, when Lodovico began the first exchange and barter activities. One of the first invoices, preserved as a family heirloom, documents the exchange of a high chair and a stool for 300 liras. It is a precious testimony that marks the origins of a long tradition.


The first store opens in the historic center of Arco

Grandfather Rolando Del Fabbro launches the company in the furniture business. He opens the first furniture store right at the foot of Arco Castle. A 1979 slogan tells, “Del fabbro, a name that furnishes the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the garden.”


Trentino's first large exhibition space is born

Del Fabbro moves to the suburbs, where it creates a large furniture exhibition ground, the first in Trentino.

1986 saw the opening of Del Fabbro Arredamenti, a 12,000-foot exhibition space. A great intuition aimed at meeting the needs of a time when buying was tied to the material presence of the product inside a store. Gianni, Carlo, Annamaria and Lodovica looked for further development of Del Fabbro and in the early 1990s they kicked off the design business.


Del Fabbro transforms space into a lifestyle project

Gianni runs the business as the sole family contact and involves his children Claudio and Paola, and nephews, Ivan and Thomas. The four cousins undertake training in interior design at the Cappiello Academy in Florence and the Palladio Institute of Design. A new idea was born: Del Fabbro moved to its current location and evolved into an authentic showroom, capable of welcoming customers and, above all, following them throughout the design process. The new project aims to transform the space into a true lifestyle project.


The ideal chair

Our creative urge is always on the move, but to tell you about us, we sit for a moment down on the chair that best represents us.


Interior Designer

Bright, sophisticated and flashy: Sellerina has a striking and distinctive style. These are the elements I look for when designing my ideal space.

Sellerina AluminiumBaxter, 2008Paola Navone


Interior Designer

Enticing, unique and ironic: just like the Her chair, a reinterpretation of a design icon, I like to add flair and a note of genius to the design.

HerCasamania & Horm, 2008Fabio Novembre


Interior Designer

Natural, flexible, and surprising: Joynt's linear design and flexible backrest amaze with unexpected comfort. Similarly, my designs create a unique interaction between people and spaces.

JoyntLago, 2012Harry Owen



Fun, always on the move and in search of balance: just like the Rotating chair SPUN, my designs are distinguished by the perfect harmony between technical and creative elements.

SpunMagis, 2010Thomas Heatherwick



Simple but elegant: just like the New York chair, which can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, my designs are versatile, always refined, and able to adapt to the client's needs.

New YorkSaba, 2014Sergio Bicego



Exuberant, original but essential in soul: the Nepal armchair reflects my constant quest to reconcile comfort, flair and simplicity.

NepalBaxter, 2011Paola Navone



The simplicity of the Helen armchair's lines is refined by the material combinations, different in texture and color. These are the details I like to take care of in my projects. The finishes give identity to spaces.




Transparent, timely and at the same time hard to miss: the Uncle Jim chair perfectly expresses the way I fill the organizational role in the logistics office.

Uncle JimKartell, 2014Philippe Starck



Practical, rigorous and precise: the somewhat austere elegance of the Gray 27 chair interacts with sober, essential lines. Just as my daily tasks in the administration office require precision, order and punctuality.

Gray 27GervasoniPaola Navone

Arco and surroundings


“Our territory is a source of continuous inspiration, which is why we consider it part of our team. This spectacular context leads us to have a unique vision of the livability of living space that goes beyond local boundaries. We put the quality of traditional Italian craftsmanship first and let ourselves be inspired by international design innovations.”

View of Lake GardaTRENTINO

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